Být průměrní nám nestačí
Vysoká kvalita zpracování odlitků

Manufacturing process

1. Production of wax models

The blended wax composition is injected under pressure into molds.

2. Compilation of wax models on the tree

Wax models are cleaned and fed to gating. (Tree)

3. Wrapping wax models for codling line

Wax models assembled into trees are individually dipped in ceramic compositions based on silica sand. They are dried in air-conditioned areas of constant temperature

4.De-waxing  in the bathtub

Wax shell is smelting in the bathtub.

5. Annealing and melting

Immediately before casting shells are annealed at 980 ° C. Melting takes place in two open furnaces with a capacity 2x100kg.

6. Removal of ceramics cast from trees

Cooled castings are vibration machine scraps removed from the ceramic mold.

7.Finishing work

On the castings are performed necessary operations, which leads to the final treatment of the cast before shipment.

sharpening to various types of the breaking machine
Heat treatment
The final abrasive blast castings

8.Visual and dimension inspection

We provide 100% visual inspection of each odlitku.Celý process of casting production is monitored and independently controlled dimensional inspection is performed in both the wax models, so the final casting.

9. Packaging and shipping castings

Finished products are packed and assembled according požadavklů final customer.

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