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The history of manufacturing investment castings in Dvur Kralove nad Labem

Production of steel castings by method investment casting foundry has in Dvur Kralove, n / L for more than 25 years of tradition. S.p.Strojtex production started in the 80s of the 20th century. In the 90s of the past century in the context of large scale privatization has been the transfer of property from state property into the hands of private companies and transformation into Strojtex Inc.

The company casting foundry, Ltd. acquired manufacturing precision casting in 2005 thanks to strategic management decision Inc. Strojtex sell two of the existing three production plants and operate and develop only engineering production at the plant Sylvárov in Dvur Kralove, n / L.

Over the years, the above was delivered to the market of about 40-50 tons / year precisely cast steel castings, suggesting production technology mastered by lost wax method, the output of which is a high quality steel casting.

  • We currently have spare capacity and accept the new demand
  • Demands are accepted through our contact
  • The usual processing time is 1-3 days demand


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